You don’t have to wait for women’s day, to spend a fun day with your friends. Every day, is a perfect day for a fun day out.

Cyprus is a beautiful destination for a perfect tours, vacations and other exciting experiences for women’s groups. Women love to have special experiences together, even without a special reason.

A fun day with your friends, can change the whole week for you.

Fun days for women, are a winning concept all over the world. In every group of women, there is a special atmosphere and common language, that creates memorable moments for them.

Whether you wish to celebrate an event or just to take a break from daily routine with your friends, we will take care of all your desires and needs, for an unforgettable experience.

Our tours and fun days for women, are tailor-made for each group and any purpose.

Our special fun days for women, whether it’s for a day out or for a long weekend, include a wide variety of experiences. Nature tours, walking trails, culinary tours, spa, shopping, day cruises, health and wellness vacations, inspirational lectures and more.

Contact us for more details.

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