Dear visitors,

Thank you for taking the time to read about us  and visit our website.

My name is Shlomit Mazon Kiesari and I’m the Founder of Kapriza. I live in Cyprus and I love this country.

So how did it all begin?
in 2013 I moved to Cyprus. At the begining it was only for 1 year, in order to have a nice break from daily life and routine, but sometimes life opens up new ways for us, to explore ourselves and the world around us. I have traveled all over Cyprus since i moved here and met wonderful local people, seen beautiful places and took part in authentic local experiences, that characterize the Mediterranean region. I decided to stay in Cyprus.
As a professional fitness trainer, in December 2014, I founded my first local business in Cyprus,
“Sup Club Limassol” – Stand Up Paddle Board (SUP) school and club. The first professional Sup school in Cyprus. The club hosts thousands of tourists and local residents every year, from April to December.
It offers a variety of classes and companies events on the most beautiful beach in Limassol.
You are welcome to visit the website and feel the atmosphere in the club and its amazing activities.

During those years, I received many requests from visitors to help them build their vacations and events in Cyprus. My natural love and enthusiasm for working with people, helping them reach their goals, together my deep knowledge of Cyprus geographically, as well as the many personal and business connections I have created over the years, made it possible for me to expand my skills  and work.
At the end of 2016 I established my second business in Cyprus: “Kapriza”

KAPRIZA  provides a full range of services of unique contents for groups that desire new experiences. Incentive Tours, Group Vacations and Companies Events are tailored to satisfy different needs, desires and goals.

In the first two years, “Kapriza” served the Israeli and the Cypriot public, but recently we have expanded our services also for European countries. Families, Groups and Companies can enjoy today from a full professional service and special experiences, in Cyprus.

You are very welcome to use our services, in order to build your next family, group or company tour & event.

I wish you unforgettable moments in Cyprus and beautiful memories to take back home.

Shlomit Mazon Kiesari