Corporate Events & Team Building Activities

Jeep Eco Tours 

Off road, nature, culture, villages, landscapes, aromas and tastes. Shifting gears and setting off to explore the island. Our Jeep tours are renowned for the high level of safety, unique routes and certified guides with over 20 years of experience, good vibes and in-depth knowledge of Cyprus’s history, culture, flora and fauna. Jeep tours take place throughout the year and the routes are tailored to each group. Additional activities can be included during the tours, such as hikes, sailing, picnics, skiing in the Troodos Mountains during the winter season and more. There are also mini coach or coach tours available, depending on the group’s goals. The tour routes can be started immediately upon landing, with the jeeps/coaches, drivers and guides waiting for the guests at the airport

Beach Corporate Events 

SUP Club Limassol is our Sup school & club in Limassol city. We holds corporate and private events in partnership, with the Water Sports center on the beach. Our beach events include SUP classes, Boat Building, Treasure Hunt activity, a wide range of water sports equipment and active water contests  for an unforgettable corporate event. Based on the number of participants, the group is divided into teams and the activities take place in rounds, culminating in a prize-winning competition. Beach events also combine catering on the beach, music, cocktail mobile bar, photos and more, according to the group needs and budget.

Dinner & Party 

Cyprus, the third largest island in the Mediterranean, offers a wide selection of venues and options for producing corporate events. Bars, restaurants, yachts, authentic tavernas, banquet and convention halls, parks, beaches and more are part of the variety of venues where we hold parties and events for groups and companies, seeking to pamper the participants with a unique overseas experience.

Challenging Activities

Brainstorming and teamwork for improving interpersonal communication and enjoying many hours full of laughter, pleasure and group motivation. The activities combine different skills such as strategizing, performing tasks and group achievement. These activities take place in the outdoors, in parks or at the beach. We also develop a new activity City Hunt – The Urban Treasure – An adrenalin filled cross between an escape room and a treasure hunt, in the heart of Limassol. Maps, instructions, clues, riddles and timetables. All these are infused together in the streets of the Old City of Limassol, the promenade area and the city’s new marina. This activity combine culinary missions ( as we love Culinary tours and challenges). The clock is ticking, time is running out, and only one group will win the prize.