Culinary Tour – Larnaca

The Larnaca region is distinguished by its small, picturesque villages and locals, who preserve the Cypriot culture and tradition.

Our culinary tour in Larnaca, takes place in several villages with exceptional rich food, traditions and warm host.

We will start with a visit to a local bakery, where you will taste the most popular pastries in Cyprus.

Then, we’ll head to a traditional village, famous for a symbol of a Stone Age settlement.

We will visit a local family and learn how to make Anari and Halloumi cheeses. Until the cheeses are ready to eat, we enjoy a short workshop of basket-weaving or stuffed grape leavs.

When the cheeses are ready, we will enjoy our breakfast, including the fresh and cheeses other foods.

Then, we will visit a lovely family, that specializes in producing bee products and high-quality honey.

We will enjoy a fascinating explanation of how honey is made and taste types of honey.

Then, we will visit a small shop, specializes in homemade jums from local fruits.

Our last stop on the tour, will be at a beautiful wine bar. you will have the chance to taste 3 types of wine and enjoy special tapas dishes.


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