Culinary tour – Limassol

Our culinary walking tour in Limassol, is full of colours, flavors and entertainment areas.

The tour runs through street food stalls, narrow alleys, graffiti streets, daytime bars and local taverns.

You will taste types of local pastries, types of meat, alcoholic beverages and local sweets.

Our last stop will be at one of the best restaurants in Limassol, to enjoy a full meal.

*A vegetarian meal is available.

You will enjoy the stories about the past and present of the area and you will get information on  recommended entertainment areas.

We will meet up at the centre of the city and begin our tour.

The tour lasts about 5 hours and includes 5 delicious culinary stations.

If you wish to come from Paphos or Laranca, it is possible to reach Limassol independently by car, or convenient public transport.


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