Culinary Tour – Paphos

In order to get to know the authentic Cyprus, you must experience the traditional flavors, the villages and the local people in Cyprus.

Our culinary tour in Paphos, combines culinary experiences and Cypriot traditions passed down from one generation to another.

We will start with a visit to a local bakery, where you will taste the most popular pastries in Cyprus.

Then, we will visit a small family factory, that has been making Cyprus delights for 4 generations, upholding a unique family recipe.

We will then be hosted at a local family home. Get ready for authentic Cypriot hospitality. You will learn about the halloumi cheese and traditional bread making process. Enjoy a traditional breakfast that includes halloumi cheese, home baked bread, fruits, vegetables, eggs, hot and cold drinks and traditional dessert. You can also opt for a meat dish, full of wonderful flavours straight out of the oven.

During the autumn and winter seasons, we’ll get to see the process of the cypriot candy, Sujuk.

Visit another local family, to learn about the carob syrup making process. We will watch the process, taste the syrup and discover the foods, that the family prepares from the carob syrup.

Our last visit will be to a beautiful winery. you will learn about the fascinating wine making process and taste 5 types of wine. Light refreshment also included.


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