About Us

Kapriza Ltd is Cyprus-based company, specializes in organizing Team Building Activities, Corporate Events and Tours.

We believe in personal bonds between people.
Every bond made, whether it’s one made with a client or service provider, always begins with communication, natural chemistry and shared values.

However, it’s not just communication, but also connection.

Effective communication and a true connection between people, these build the foundations for cooperation. Our fundations for cooperation are Trust, Respect, openness and transparency.

These fundations lead to fruitful enterprises of which benefit: Us, the party offering the service, and Our clients, whom benefit from our undivided attention and high level of service.

Our team has been carefully selected from the very beginning, and this is apparent in our results. Bonds that had begun as business ties, were forged to warm and trusted relationships that lead to mutual growth and joint satisfaction.

A driving value, not least as important, is to be positive.
To always see how to keep offering the highest level of service for any request or need, even if this is complicated.

In addition, we bring along with us our excitement and passion of our work.

Each of us has our own unique character experience and deep understanding of the location and it’s local residence.

Together, with our combined experience and joint efforts, along with our positive energy, we continue to manufacture from unforgettable experiences for our guests and clients.

Our 3 main goals 

  1. To continue and encourage fruitful joint ventures and expand the range of services we offer.

  2. To constantly learn and discover what a place has to offer, in relation to nature, culture, tradition, history and leisure, alongside the new trendy wind of change.

  3. To continuously grow the trust of our clients and their desire to use our services, that come in the shape of creativity, innovation, flexibility and the personal touch offered to each and every member.

The main value that drives the Kapriza team, is that nothing is taken for granted. Every day for us is a new day, and every team member of valued as every client is a world in itself.