Organic Tours In Cyprus

Discovering Healing Plants and Wild Herbs

Fascinating tours and workshops, accompanied by local experts in botany and alternative medicine. These experiential tours introduce the participants with local herbs and spices. The tours explore unique places on the island, where medicinal plants from various botanical families and wild herbs used for food, grooming and beauty grow in abundance. As nature lovers and health enthusiasts, we built the tours with the help of top experts, in order to utilize the vast knowledge and experience on the plants’ medicinal applications and ways to cook them. The tours vary in terms of area, duration and type of workshops held. The tours include an interactive lecture at an organic shop in the village of Lofou and a walking tour of the village exploring dozens of plants and spices. Some of the workshops include the preparation of creams, soaps and body oils. More and more people are turning to herbal treatments and health supplements every year, seeking effective alternatives to chemical drugs and cosmetics. Our tours open a window to this fascinating field of knowledge, offering an experience that conveys the richness of the nature in Cyprus. The tours and workshops are held in English by experts in botany and alternative medicine from Cyprus. At the end of the tour we will visit one of the organic, Healty food restaurants in Limassol.