Fitness & Wellness Events for Groups

We belive in a healthy lifestyle, that includes physical activity, balanced nutrition and stress management. A healty lifestyle can prevent various illnesses and improve the quality of life. 

Additionally, the awareness of self-satisfaction, positive thinking and improved feeling, affect all aspects of your life.

We built unique wellness and fitness activities, from our proffesional knowledge and daily lives and we wish to transfer this, to each and every one.

All our fitness and wellness events in Cyprus, focus on two main experiences: one-day events and fitness vacations.

Both of these programs include an enjoyable and challenging schedule. The activities provide an answer to all your physical needs such as cardio endurance, muscle strengthening, agility, balance, coordination and flexibility. 

Our team at Kapriza includes professional fitness trainers, dieticians, Yoga specialists and lecturers.

Our events and activities, will help you to change your daily habits, into healthy ones and a way of life.

At any one-day event you will enjoy our fitness and yoga lessons, healty meals during the day, a nutrition / wellness workshop and free time to relax.

Our wellness and fitness activities, are tailored for private groups, team building and corporate events.

For More information and reservations, please contact us.

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